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Bankura has gained wide appeal as a popular tourist destination. The district can legitimately take pride in having a wide range of spots attracting tourists for a variety of reasons ranging from Arts and Arcitecture, Terracota temples, dense virgin forests, hills and the scenic spots at Mukutmoipur etc

Bankura district, falling under Eastern Chhotanagpur Plateau, looks like handpicked by Mother Nature and is blessed with old brown hills, murmuring rivers, ancient temples- all bearing testimony to a rich and resourceful culture and tradition.

Situated in the western part of the State of West Bengal it comes under the Burdwan division and it forms a part of what is popularly known as Rarh area in Bengal

Bishnupur town deserves a special mention in that the  town hosts a good many temples like Madan Mohan temple,Shyam Roy temple and a short distance away at Jairambati the famous temple dedicated to Sarada Devi -Holy Mother for crores of devotees of the Ramakrishna Monastic Order. The town also has its own distinct musical tradition known as Bishnupur Gharana.

The hill at Biharinath and at Susunia are spots of natural wonder and ideal for trekking and going foot-loose.

Mukutmonipur is situated in the confluence of river Kansabati and Kumari has the second largest earther Dam in India. Hemmed in by hillocks all around, the still waters of the lake offers a hypnotic visual of the azure sky above and is  a delight for lovers of nature in its pristine beauty.   

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How to reach:

Bankura District is well connected by several roads with Durgapur, Purulia, Midnapur, Kharagpur and Kolkata. Also,the    district is very well connected with various parts of the country through the railway route. Two major railway stations are at Bankura Junction and at Bishnupur.



Cottage at Susunia and Biharinath Hill

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Sub-divisions wise tourist destinations:

1. Bankura Sub-division

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2. Bishnupur Sub-division

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3. Khatra sub-division

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